Hello all

It’s Tailfeather, Sinister Rouge, Trixie from Toronto and ThaKadinskyPapers here, and we’d like to welcome you to our bold experiment in blogging, ButtercupPunch.

Bold, you snicker? What is bold about blogging? Well, nothing, really, except that we are four smart, snarky and well-informed women from four very different walks of life but we share many things in common, chief among them a desire to engage, provoke and entertain.

There will be no hand-holding and Kumbaya-singing here, no lectures about girl-on-girl crime — we will bring the snark, whether it’s directed at Barack Obama, Rumer Willis or teenaged pregnancies. We will muse on everything from heartbreak and marriage to politics, fashion, celebrity, eating, sexing, drinking, dope-smoking and lesbian porn.

We will have a regular feature, called BitterCups, in which one or all of us rants angrily about something, someone or some global truism that is pissing us the fuck off. It’s one of many regular items we hope to get going.

Please bear with us, however, while we iron out some kinks and become familiar with the WordPress world. We apologize in advance if things look a bit wonky starting out.

So do stop by and stop by often, especially our many dear and beloved Queen Bee bitches and clique-ists from the Jezebel comments section, many of whom are keen to do some guest-blogging. We truly love you fucking dykes, and want you to be a very major part of ButtercupPunch.

And thanks to the braintrust behind Jezebel, who inspired us with their utter awesomeness to try to put our own writing and our own snarky points of view out there for your enjoyment.