Being a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica …it’s hard out there sometimes. Reconciling my sci-fi nerd sensibilities with all the demands of being you know, being girlie can be somewhat difficult. For us sci-fi (and fantasy)-loving fucking dykes, it’s hard y’all! We get made fun of by other girls. Boys don’t understand us. We’re lost in the pop culture wilderness. Nowhere to go with no one to back up our love of all things Not only do I love sci-fi movies, like this one , this one , and and this one ….I love fantasy, too. I am giant LOTR nerd. Did you see Pan’s Labrynth ? Amazing and beautiful.

So for all you sci-fi nerds, this is for you. For you ladies that don’t understand us, give sci-fi a chance. It’s got great love stories, wonderful drama and plenty of sexy men, not to mention some ridiculously hot women.