My gmail inbox is basically Where Cosmetics Company Promotions Mailers Go To Die, and given that I already have a fully-outfitted professional makeup kit, I don’t really need to buy anything right now. But you have no idea the level of restraint it takes to keep me from even clicking on the links to see what brave new shimmery confections my favorite drug dealers are peddling for each new season. It kills me. SO, I’ve decided to spin my misfortune into something that could benefit those of you who actually may have cause to buy new face spackle.Welcome to Insider Trading (uh, or at least that’s what I’ll call it until I can dream up a better name) where I share with you all of the latest beauty-related muffins fresh from the advertorial ovens of the cosmetic giants! This week: Prescriptives goes Philanthropic: friendsfamily.jpg The #1 complaint I get from ladies is that it’s so damn hard to find a foundation color to match their skin. Which is why I’m such a strident Prescriptives fan. They offer foundation in a staggeringly wide range of skin tones and textures, and they even offer a custom blending service to match your skin perfectly (but I doubt you can get that covered in this sale). Now, far be it from me to encourage people to splurge on expensive shit they don’t need. So I should note that, should you happen to need a new foundation right about now, you may want to check out Prescriptives online and take advantage of this extremely generous sale.As far as I know, Prescriptives’ foundations are their bread and butter, so purchase eye, cheek, and lip paints at your own risk. You’re welcome!