Happy Easter y’all! In honor of the Resurrection of our Lord, I am bringing you a story that has nothing to do with Jesus, Easter, or Spring.   Hell, it’s not even happy.  This Easter, I give you a bit of American History. Somewhat recent, yes.  January 13, 1982 to be exact. But a lot of you youngsters don’t remember this and some of us older bitches probably forgot…what with all the drinking and the weed.

 Back in January of 1982, the D.C. area experienced something right out of Lost. Sort of. On an extremely cold winter day in January, Air Florida Flight 90 took off from Washington National Airport (now Gipper National). It was an exceptionally cold day and the plane was de-iced several times. After rushing down the runway, the captain shrugged off concerns about the plane’s instrumentation and started for the skies.

The aircraft was in the air for all of 30 seconds before it crashed onto the 14th Street Bridge. Of the 74 passengers (3 of them infants) and five crew members on board, 70 were killed in the crash. One crew member and four passengers survived. When the plane hit the bridge, it landed on six cars and four motorists were injured. Four died.

As motorists watched helicopters attempt the rescue of the 5 survivors, one man could not watch as Priscilla Tirado was too weak to hold the line being thrown to her. Goverment worker Lenny Skutnik jumped in and brought her to shore.

Here’s Lenny on Nightline. He got to sit next to Nancy at the State of the Union that year, and despite being sort of hijacked by right-wing Reagan worshippers , he did something amazing that day. Something I know I’d never have the courage to do myself.

Happy Easter!!!