buttercupnoirsmall.jpgLast weekend it snowed again in Wisconsin, Milwaukee got over a foot during the Friday night storm, those of us by the lake got 14 inches. This pushes Milwaukee into the #2 spot of snowiest winters ever on record, and I have no doubt another dumper will come along to give us the honors – fucking yay.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am beyond sick of winter. Winter and I are not on speaking terms, and I talk shit about winter to everyone I know, every chance I get. Fuck winter. About the only thing that this winter can do that doesn’t chap my ass is provide a very short amount of time immediately following a big snowfall when the world is momentarily silenced. Very briefly, the landscape is blanketed in a pristine white comforter which seems to quell all sound and motion, as though everyone has gone to bed until a warmer day arrives.

mke-snow-032108-1 mke-snow-032108-3 mke-snow-032108-2

Inevitably, time will start moving again and my hushed moment of serenity will be no more. After this comes, salt, slush, grime, ice and general fucking mess. So, what to do when you’re sick to death of winter??


Make a yooge pair of snow tits.