So, my dirty, dirty, shameful secret is that there is still a HUGE chunk of my heart still full of love for the pop culture of the 90s. Specifically, the slowjam/R&B/Quiet Storm sector of that culture. I fucking dare you to watch this video, this Cassette Tape Tearjerker That Time Forgot, and NOT think fondly upon those halcyon days. The TLC safe sex or no sex days, the I-seriously-want-to-be-Lisa-Bonet days, the original House of Style days, the Blossom watching days. Errybody in the blog gettin’ misty:   Can’t you just smell the Designer Imposters CKOne? Are your underarms dampening with the memory of all of those nerve-and-hormone-charged jr. high slow dances? Is the recollection of all of that ill-advised peace-sign jewelry causing you to shake your head in embarrassment? Uh, yeah, me neither. In case you were wondering what the hell Halle Berry was doing all up in your nostalgia trip, this video was a promotional tool for the Eddie Murphy romcom Boomerang. Which I feel the need to go add to my Netflix list. BRB…Do feel free to share the best and worst of your 90s experience in the comments.