fool.jpg   So, I hate April Fool’s Day. Not because I’m a whineybaby who can’t stand to have a prank pulled on me, but because most “pranks” pulled on this day can hardly be called that.  Take this morning at my office, for example: Some Dunderhead Donnie Desk-jockey emptied all the staples out of the staplers in the copy room. Uh, that’s not really a prank, as it’s neither funny, nor clever, and no one was made an April Fool because no one fell for anything. Uh, unless you mistake the expectation of working staplers for gullibility. But really, that “prank” was basically anemic asshattery. So, Donnie, Ashton Kutcher you are not.

  So yeah, where have all the good pranks gone? There are some decent ones to be had on Japanese TV:

(Uh, which I can’t get to imbed, so for now just youtube search Japanese pranks, cuz I have to get back to work)

But the lamest “prank” to I’ve seen these 24 Aprils is to be had after the jump:


Ha. Ha. Ha. This is terrible. First you mock us with something you didn’t even TRY to pull off as a convincing prank, THEN you add insult to injury with your bad photoshop. I mean, I get that you’re going for “cheeky”(OMG, double-entendre, soooo clevs!), but this just looks low-rent. You charge HOW much for your products? Surely you can afford to do something better than some Gary Glitter-looking mannequin in a weave too beat to even be a Britney cast-off. Now, I’m no expert at spotting “what were they thinking” moments, but this one has to qualify.

  Please share your tales of April Fool’s pranks both epic and emetic in the comments.