Heeeey, Howard! What’s goin’ on? Remember how back in 2004 you let out that infamous scream ? I mean I totally remember defending you at the time and thinking how fucking horribly evil Republicans were that they literally made your campaign come to an end by replaying a video of you being excited for fuck’s sake! Anyhoo, soon we got stuck with this douchebag and shock of all shocks, he talked way too much and refused to engage in a fight with Republicans; he sat there and took it as they put on purple band-aids ripping apart his military service! Say what you will about the douche-tastic linguistics and the horrid campaign he ran in 2004, but what Kerry did for his country in Vietnam and soon after was downright heroic.

Then he endorsed Obama . That’s cool. As a super-delegate that is your right (never mind that Obama’s campaign keeps claiming the superdelegates should vote for the winner of their state meaning that Kerry, Kennedy, Patrick and Richardson all went against the voters of their state- that’s totes different), you were put there as a buffer after the nightmare that was McGovern. Let’s forget about all that.

But Dean? Dean, you are supposed to be a party elder. Your 50 state strategy was new and bold and definitely the direction I wanted the Democrats to go in the last few years. But now the 50 state strategy has become the 48 state strategy. According to the new DNC, the nominee can seat the FL & MI delegation after it’s decided or if Obama and Clinton agree to a plan for revotes. Well, since we already know that
Obama is blocking re-votes in both those states
the only way the delegation will get seated is when he is the nominee and he, in his graciousness, lets them sit at the convention. Wow, how wonderful. Millions of votes will be counted when they will make no difference whatsoever. The voters in MI & FL will have no say in the nominating process.

Good move Dean! You have pretty much guaranteed that those states will go Republican. But hey, it’s not like we’ve ever had problems with FL before! You’ve also guaranteed that dis-enfranchised Dems like me will de-register and never send you another dime.

I will gladly vote for Obama if he’s the nominee. But the way it stands right now? Party Establishment and elders that are supposed to be neutral, like yourself (don’t even get me started on Pelosi!) have your thumb on the scale for Obama. And maybe it will guarantee that he wins the nomination…but it will also guarantee that you’ll lose in November. So thanks Howard! You’re doing a heckuva job.