brett-favre-si-cover.jpgMomentary heart failure today when word hit the web that
The Gunslinger, Brett Favre might be considering another year of playing. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Favre’s long time agent has been shopping him around to teams who might be interested in a trade with Green Bay, and also making mention of the negligible fact that Favre has yet to file his retirement paperwork with the league. That’s it. That’s the gist of the story and there’s nothing new or startling in it that would lead me to even begin to believe a word of it. Ted Thompson is cheap – we know this. Favre thought the Packers didn’t chase after Randy Moss hard enough – old news. Donald Driver can’t say for sure what Favre is thinking – cue the baseless speculation and recycled comeback rumors, annnnnnnnd go!

The local news teams in Milwaukee and Green Bay did the expected reactionary bits from typical Wisconsin opinion givers, aka bar flies. As expected most of the people asked would not be happy to see Favre play for a team besides the Packers, and it appeared that most of them didn’t believe such a thing could happen either. Me personally, I’ve been a Packer fan for a lotta years, through all the good and ALL the bad and I will continue to be a Packer fan, even though I think Ted Thompson’s belief in building through the draft is covering up for the fact that he has no idea where the organization is headed, and is simply relieved to have ended the high noon stare down with Favre. But I’m also a Brett Favre fan, and while I never thought it would be necessary, I would support Favre if he did decide to play somewhere else. But I won’t get into that because it’s not true, it’s not going to happen. Now please excuse me, I’m going back to mourning the loss of #4.