Guns n’ Roses is my favorite band of all time. Although in the last few years my musical tastes have shifted somewhat to the punk stylings of Bad Religion and Against Me which are both amazing…my heart belongs to Axl.

It began when I was 12 years old and a geeky middle-schooler whose parents were the very definition of uptight and uber-disciplinarians. After one particularly lonely day at school, I found my brother’s cassette tape of Appetite for Destruction. I had never really been a rock n’ roll fan. I was more into the popular R&B of the early 90’s. I loved stuff like Boyz II Men and these cheesballs, but I was craving something different.

Then I got to the last song of the album. Rocket Queen started playing on my Sony Walkman . Immediately I was in love. With lyrics like this:

If I say I don’t need anyone
I can say these things to you
I can turn on anyone
Just like I’ve turned on you
I’ve got a tongue like a razor
A sweet switchblade knife

who wouldn’t be hooked? Thus began my love affair with all things Gn’R. I became obsessed. I still remember Axl’s and Slash’s birthdays (Axl: February 6, Slash: July 29) from my obsessive collection of all things Guns. I promptly put up posters of the boys. Axl and his infamous short shorts . I subscribed to Metal Edge. I ordered a t-shirt like a good fangirl. And I have loved them ever since. I was sad when Axl went the way of Michael Jackson. And I am somewhat disturbed by Axl’s new look, but I will forever be a GnR girl.

Who wouldn’t be in love after hearing this?

I see you standin’
Standin’ on your own
It’s such a lonely place for you
For you to be
If you need a shoulder
Or if you need a friend
I’ll be here standing
Until the bitter end
No one needs the sorrow
No one needs the pain
I hate to see you
Walking out there
Out in the rain
So don’t chastise me
Or think I, I mean you harm
Of those that take you
Leave you strung out
Much too far

Don’t ever leave me
Say you’ll always be there
All I ever wanted
Was for you
To know that I care