UPDATE 04.04.08: BA is reporting that the fuckupetry at Terminal 5 has an estimated financial impact of $31.9M. Oh, and then Naomi Campbell stopped by to curse bless the place.


So the Brits had decided to expand Heathrow Airport (‘bout goddamn time they did something to that clusterfuck), and the Queen was there to open the newest terminal, Terminal 5. A huge 6 year project designed to be visually appealing and passenger friendly, at a cost of $8.6B.

Check It: Heathrow Terminal 5 Opened (video)


As you might expect, the environmentalists were none too pleased about it, citing added pollution among their concerns. Right away the new British Airways terminal had “technical glitches” and began canceling flights and separating passengers from their luggage. As of today there are at least 15,000 bags stacked up in ridiculous heaps at the airport, most of their owners having been sent on without them. Holy shit. If I was on vacay and took a trip across the Atlantic only to get there with no luggage, I’d be one pissed off motherfucker.


Now, as more and more reports of the problems with terminal 5 get reported, it becomes glaringly obvious that there has to have been a colossal fuckup at the project management level of this little endeavor to cause the kind of systemic failures that are happening. I mean, we’re not just talking about long ass security lines and backed up toilets, this is like a Britney/Paula/Mariah breakdown all in one. Or who knows, maybe it is a counteraction from Nature. Some karmic, universal kick in the balls – it could happen, no?


Check it: Before and After (video)