It is perhaps a sign of how needy I am for validation that I recently posted a practically naked shot of myself — nipple is vaguely visible — for a group of online girlfriends to check out. Heartbreak is a bitch, and doubly so when you’ve been thoroughly replaced, in every sense of the word, a year prior to the actual physical breakup. Such a thing really causes you to question your sexual appeal; hence the tittie shot that my beloved girlfriends ooohed and aaahhhed over that made this old lady feel good about her 43-year-old self.

Four-times weekly spin class has also been a huge barrier against debilitating depression, and I have been going religiously for more than a year. And over the last few weeks, a wondrous thing has started happening.

The spin instructors treat me with real respect now. They seek me out to say hello in a packed class. They put the newbies on bikes situated right behind me and tell them to check out my form and pacing, since I’ve got it down pat. One of them told me this weekend that when he saw my familiar face in a sea of spinners, he knew he could go all out and conduct a gruelling class that went the full hour. He even asked me if I’d ever considered taking the course to become a spin instructor. (Answer no — I have too much else going on).

I can’t tell you how gratifying this is to me. I haven’t been a star on any athletic team since high school gymnastics (and even then, only on two events — vault and floor). So this love directed my way from the spin experts has really done my heart and soul good, almost as much good as my online girlfriends who “rowwwwwrrred” at my topless Spanish beach shot.

If none of you have tried spinning and are looking for a fun and inspiring way to get fit, give it some thought. It hurts your ass for the first two weeks, but if you find a good place where they play great music, you will soon find yourself well and truly addicted. Tonight I went to a special class featuring all music from “The Who.” I can’t tell you how motivating “Teenage Wasteland” can be while climbing a long hill at thick tension!