As mentioned previously, I find myself having issues occasionally with other women due to the fact that my mother is a manipulative mentalcase and therefore I have trouble trusting women’s motives. I am beating that terrible affliction, however, due to my close real-life friendships with women.

But I will confess there is a variety of women I do not like. And that is the jealous, possessive woman — the woman who gives you the stink-eye and treats you like you’re some kind of predatory whore because their man/woman is flirtatious with you.

There are two women in my social circle who treat me like some kind of high-priced call girl because  while at parties or receptions, their husbands seek me out to chat. In one case, I can understand why the wife is nervous — her husband is hot, urbane, sophisticated and charming, and women of all ages go nuts for him. But I have been at dinner parties with this couple, chatting with her about child-rearing, and she is always very nice. But when I run into her at public social events, she is totally rude and cold to me, especially when her husband makes a fuss about seeing me and gives me a hug and a kiss hello.

The other woman is even more infuriating. Her husband is skeevy and gross, and renowned around town for being a skirt-chaser who once had a sordid affair with a teenaged girl. He always comes sniffing around whenever he sees me at events, and I am utterly chilly towards him. Yet his wife comes chasing after him and gives me a look like I am the biggest whore on the planet. I want to say this to her: “Are you kidding me, lady? I wouldn’t touch that sleazebag with a gun to my head. You have nothing to fear from me.”

I hate that kind of behaviour. Don’t trust your spouse? Take it up with him. I’m not after him. It’s not my fault he’s flirtatious. Piss off and stop blaming me and other women he approaches for his lecherous ways.

My friend Carol says I should take this as something of a compliment — even though I am not a femme fatale, people seem to believe I am, perhaps because I wear high heels and know how to do my hair and makeup. But still, it grates.

I love the girlfriends in my life who willingly offer up their husbands for various duties — I am talking about you, Tanya, and my friend Kim — knowing full well that not only is their man totally trustworthy, but so am I, and it’s just unthinkable that anything untoward is at play.