You probably haven’t heard of New York actress/socialite Tricia Walsh-Smith until recently. The British-born apparent cuckoo bird has made quite a name for herself in recent weeks by YouTube-ing her nasty divorce from a New York City wealthy theatre-chain owner who is 25 years her senior.

Here’s one of her videos:

I must say I cackled “psychopath!” as loudly as the next person when I first watched this. But then, when I investigated further, I could find no explanation as to why her old husband seems to be playing so dirty with her. Maybe she’s always been insane, I don’t know — but perhaps she’s been driven insane by being abruptly booted out of a marriage and a life and a home?

As a wise friend of mine — a male, actually, with a healthy respect of women — always says: “Show me a psycho ex-girlfriend or a psycho ex-wife and I’ll show you the guy who helped pushed her there.” And indeed, could there be another side to this story other than simply “this woman is a psychopath?”

Tricia has posted another video after this one — just go YouTube her — and while she does seem wild-eyed with insanity and it’s certainly abhorrent to be so openly airing your dirty laundry on YouTube, you do have to wonder what’s gone on here and why is this wealthy old man is being so nasty and cheap. My suspicion? He’s got Alzheimer’s and his daughter is now in control.

Also — as my dear friend Pickles points out, Tricia looks just like Joan Van Ark! Before Joan Van Ark started resembling a rotting corpse, that is (see below). In any event, I am enthralled and can’t wait to see what sordid revelations the next YouTube video brings. Go Valene!