Jesus Christ that is some of the craziest shit I ever heard. Have y’all heard about this?

This fucking sick, diseased, soul rotted fuck of a human has been arrested for imprisoning his daughter for the last 24 years, in underground cellars, where he sexually abused her and fathered seven of her children. Can You Even Fucking IMAGINE THE EVIL?? Go read the story an’nen come back, I’ll wait.

You done? Is that not the most bizarre shit? OMG, that poor, poor woman. He abducted her when she was 18, fucking 18!! And something tells me she didn’t enjoy a rich social life with her peers in the years leading up to that, since she said he started molesting her at 11, ohmygod!! Ugh, sickness. And they prolly never would have been found if HE shitfuckbastard hadn’t let them the fuck out.

What do you hope for in a situation like this? So much evil and so much sadness…….one violently disturbed person destroys so many innocent lives. Those children, 3 children – how was he able to adopt/foster off 3 fucking children with no mother around?! And what of the seventh, “alleged” to have died at childbirth, seeing as how the potential for serious illness is CLEARLY high in this desecrated bloodline I believe that child may have found it’s merciful escape from a life of tortuous hell. And what the fuck was with all the “very narrow”, “very small” hallways and doors?!

Of course the wife, “..appears to have been unaware of the suspected crimes of her husband.”

If y’all see BAngieB, tell her I’m gettin’ the truck…