Again with the MUA tips. The 2nd most oft-asked about beauty problem involves undereye bags. They tend to make a gal look “tired” or “older” or whatever kinds of perfectly pedestrian words become derogatory when directed at a woman’s appearance. Too bad, so sad, that we’re not allowed to age. I find that, when it comes to the beaty game, this jaunty musical number about sums it up:

 You can’t win. You can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game. But, on a lighter note, there actually are a few things you can do to make your eyes look nicer. You’re still aging, can’t help that (yet, I’m fucking 24, so what do I know), but you can make it look all soft-focus, Ingrid Begman in Casablanca-fied:

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So, here’s what I’ve got for the eye-bags/crow’s feet and overall anti-aging:

1.) do not ever put Preparation H on that shit. No matter what other people/shitty ladymags say. That shit is made for your ASS, to put it on your FACE, what’s more, the EYES- the most sensitive and delicate part of the face- that’s just dumb. Do not do this. Ever. If you really want to use non-traditional things as cosmetics, try this:
Steep yourself a nice couple of cups of green, chamomile, or black tea. Squeeze out the excess moisture & place bags in the fridge. Chill and let chill. Put baggies on your eyes any marvel at the homeopathic de-puff action!
2.) I use the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Eye Reviver ($18, Body Shop),
which appears to knock out any and all darkness under my eyes, plus no puffiness. But, I don’t have much of that to begin with.
However, Vitamin C is one of the best things for eliminating dark circles.
3) here are some links to some eye creams on Sephora that sound good/not too expensive:
The only problem with the above products, is that I don’t see vitamin C or vitamin K listed on all of the product descriptions. Vita C and K are fab at killing dark circles. But maybe you could check the ingredients lists for those vitamins. Just so you know, another name for vC is Asorbic acid, so look out for that.
3.) Also, try an alcohol-free toner to incorporate in your daily cleansing (if you don’t use one already). It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but try to find one that is described as “softening”, “balancing” or “hydrating”. If you have sensitive skin, or skin that is prone to redness, try to avoid toners that contain Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids. They tend to strip the skin a little too much. I like L’Oreal HydraFresh toner (drugstores). It’s pink liquid in a clear bottle. Tone once per day in the evenings after washing your face. The goal is to soften the skin and help to even out the overall tone of the skin.
4.) You may also want to invest in a good night cream (once again, provided you don’t use one already). Because the only thing you can really do to stave off the appearance of aging is to keep your skin hydrated. Literally, that’s all you can do. And, since the skin does most of it’s respirating and repairing itself at night, so if you treat your skin to a good moisturizer during this time, it benefits your complexion way more than anything you can do for it during the day. This is one area where I actually think “expensive” brands are better. They use purer ingredients than drugstore brands, and they also spend a lot more on the research and development of their products. I am absolutely in LOVE with Shiseido. If I could afford it, I would use everything they make. I use this: 
($40, wherever Shiseido products are sold)
   But you and I probably have different skin types, so you may want to research what your individual skin’s needs are (moisture, discoloration, fine lines, firmness) and try to pick a night cream to suit your needs. I recommend Shiseido, Decleor, L’Occitane, Kinerase, and Lancome as some brands to try. I find Clinique to be good, but not “all that”, you know? 
   Don’t let the price of night cream scare you, they usually start at around $35 and go up from there. (I set my limit at $80. I won’t pay more than that) The thing about a quality product is that a little goes a long way, so a jar will typically last 6 months or more. Take note, though, that introducing a richer moisturizer into your regimen may break you out a bit at first, but that’s where the toner comes in. Bottom line: Be nice to your skin and your skin will be nice to you. Don’t pick at it, don’t sleep in your makeup, pamper it with nice products, and then leave it the hell alone.
   Another great tip I have for toning and tighteneing the skin comes in the form of a homepathic aspirin and honey mask. But, I’m gonna ba a big tease and save that one for another post. (Ooooh! Denied!) So, you’ll just have to bookmark this here blog and come back to me for more! But, if you want more skincare news you can use, please go check out my winter skin post. There’s some info and product reccommendations that are good for year-round pretty faces.
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