Oooooh, Mr. BrownAwww, it finally happened. ‘CSI’ star Gary Dourdan who plays Warrick Brown on my favorite Thursday night show has done been popped for a messload of drugs. TMZ tells us that dude was found passed out in his car in the wee hours of the morning and the fuzz busted him with coke, heroin, ecstasy and prescription pills. Fuckin’ A, Warrick! What kind of fuckin’ party were you havin’?? Some of those tend to cancel each other out, ya know – moderate, dude – geez.

But I don’t really feel too bad for Gary, ‘cuz he’s been rumored to have been gettin’ inna shit for a while now and dude has a recurring role on a hit show, so if you can’t keep your shit together then maybe you shouldn’t have it. Anyway I totally saw this coming, you know Warrick is totes jealous of the other CSI’s, especially Nick Stokes.

Nick is always getting all the attention, all the crazy shit happens to Nick. Nick gets kidnapped and buried alive, eaten on by ants in a box rigged with explosives. Nick gets stalked by a psycho cable guy who attacks him from his attic hidey-hole. Nick gets tossed out a 2nd story window. Nick sleeps with a hooker who ends up dead the next day. Nick gets all the lurve even with his horrendous haircuts and that Super Troopers mustache he was rockin’. Poor busted ass Warrick, he had that gambling problem that continues to haunt him (and was supposed to get him fired), missed his chance with Catherine ‘Lookit Mah Lips’ Willows and ends up failing at his quickie marriage. They even wrote a few pill popping scenes in there for him, ‘member? Poor fucker doesn’t even get his fro picked out properly for him in half his scenes, *tsk *tsk. Ah well, I’ll spark one for you tonight, Warrick.