OK, so if I say, ’80’s movie about an adorable and spunky girl welder named Alex whose dream is to be a fancy ballet dancer’ you would say, “Flashdance”. But what if I say, ’80’s movie about an adorable and spunky dancer named Kelly who learns how to Pop and Lock from Turbo and Ozone’?

Would you immediately gasp and say, “BREAKIN’“!?!?!?!?

This movie is so awesome, the characters are played by dancers who really have the skillz to make the movie so damn fun to watch, I couldn’t even tell you what the ‘plotline’ is supposed to be. Remember when Pop’n Taco battles Ozone in the club? I used to watch this movie all the time when I was a kid, I liked it sooooooo much better than ‘Flashdance’. BUT, I definitely love the follow up to this bad boy even more – yup, that’s right:

BREAKIN’ 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO‘.(click the pic for a short viddy)

The colors get a lot LOUDER and the storyline get way cheesy, but somehow even with the toxic neon, taxidermy accessories, earclips, and the Mimi Bobeck color palette this movie is fucking RAD. Oh yeah, I said that shit (I believe in the beat!)

I’m getting bad Google right now, (earlier I got some ballsed up directions) and I can’t find a clip of the fundraising dance scene at the end, where Ozone starts out on top of the community center – so here’s one of the no good Electro Rock crew messing with our heroes and forcing them to a breakdance battle in tha streets!

*this is a lyric from ‘Big Pimpin’ by JayZ and UGK, proving my third coast boys were down with Miracles as well, yo.