I love to argue. I argue constantly. I argue with my husband. I argue with my boss. I argue with my friends. Mostly I love to argue with my husband, boss, and friends about politics. I love to argue in person, I love to argue on the phone, but mostly? Mostly I love arguing on blogs.

I read blogs obsessively. Talk Left is my favorite for arguing without screaming, but most of all? Most of all I love Jez. Jezebel is my favorite blog to get my daily argument high. I anxiously await the 10:00 A.M. hour. I know that at some point in the next 30 minutes, Moe will say (or post) something to piss me the fuck off. Megan tries to keep the peace as we all start goin’ at it in the comments. Heated arguments about (invariably) Hillary, Obama, McCain, Bush and all the rest soon follow. I’m the resident Hillbot. I defend my girl Hillary and her detractors with all my might. I live to catch someone putting out wrong information. I get high busting an Obama fan telling a lie or getting too change-y for my tastes.

I avoid my actual, real job in order to argue politics on the internet. I avoid housework for the same reason. My laptop has become my sidearm. Now I can do this all day, all night and all weekend!! Woohoo?

Arguing is fun. Anyone who tells you different is lying or isn’t very good at it. I can’t wait for my next meeting with the Obamabots on Crappy Hour. Ooops. Did I just start a fight?