Overheard on a Facebook message:

FB Fren 1:

 BDJ and other makeup lovers, what do you recommend for under-eye concealer? I’ve been using Benefit’s Lyin’ Eyes (http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P88800&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=5333

) for about a year but I’m convinced there must be something better out there. I would love something that lasts more than a few hours and also doesn’t settle in my tiny eye creases, as I’m paranoid it makes them look more pronounced.

Do I recall someone mentioning Laura Mercier’s under-eye concealer?



Clinique All About Eyes is my favoritest thing ever.
It gives a ton of coverage & brightness without being thick or chalky like a lot of concealers. If you powder over it a little after applying, it shouldn’t get all up in your creases.
FB Fren 2:
i use Loreal Quick Stick. DUde, this stuff is unbelievably awesome. I think it’s supposed to be a concealer/foundation thing, but i dont like putting creams on my face so i use it for under eyes. It doesnt crease, lasts forever and blends super duper smoothly. I had a severe panic attack like 2 years ago when I couldnt find it anywhere because I thought they had discontinued it.http://www.walgreens.com/store/pickcolor.jsp?CATID=100293&navAction=jump&navCount=0&skuid=sku313204&id=prod13204

I couldn’t live without it.

FB Fren 1:
Awesome ladies, I will try these! I’m leaning toward the Clinique since I can actually try it in the store at Sephora, unlike the L’Oreal, unfortunately. But I’m sure the latter is cheaper, so maybe it won’t matter that much.Oh, another question. Cleansing oil: is it worth buying a brand name or should I just try my own grapeseed, olive or sunflower oil concoction? I’ve found several methods for making your own at home and I don’t think they’re all that different from stuff you can get at a store.

I actually find that store-bought can be more cost-effective. B/C buying all the oils sep. can really add up, especially if you end up unsatisfied with the result. Cleansing oils are de rigeur in Asia, whereas they’re sort of a new & novel thing here, so I buy my clensing oils from Japanese cosme stores online.
Do a google search for Kanebo cleansing oil. There’s this olive oil one I use. It’s either from a webstore called evecare or neobeauty. It’s $8 a bottle + shipping.
FB Fren 3:
If you have dark circles, like me, use a bright red lipstick on the dark parts before you put on your concealer (I use the Clinique stuff the Panda uses). It needs to be a pure red–no purple or orangey tint to it. Basically something you would never wear on your lips. I use Ladybug by Mac (b/c the Mac lady is the one who showed me this trick). It really works.
   Don’t you just love it when your friends bust out all kinds of useful info on you? I loooove being that friend. I waste TONS of money each year trying new products for skin, hair and body beautifying, but I never feel like I’m actually throwing my money away, b/c somebody is always asking about this or that product. It’s satisfying to know that I’ve steered folks away from crappy products that don’t work (Neutrogena Build-a-Tan will have you looking like the lovechild of Dina Lohan and a zebra. Do not mess.), and turned people on to some potions that actually pull their weight (Clinique All About Eyes Concealer. Really. Best $18 you’ll ever spend if you ever have undereye discoloration).
   So, blogging about my adventures in cosmetics seems like a natural progression. And it’s all well & good, but I am hitting a few snags:
1. I tend to blog at work. This could become a problem. The worst of it is that summer is busy season at my place of employment, which directly conflicts with the fact that summer is the busiest, funnest time to play with cosmetics in the whole calendar year (Wedding makeup! Exfoliators! Toenail polish! Self-tanners! Yummy-smelling tropical hair elixers!). My boss just dropped off a stack of work in my inbox and I almost snapped at him, “Get outta here with that shit! Can’t you see that your making me do all the shit that you’re paying me to do is stifling my creativity!” Whatever. I’m still convinced I can do it all. Why? Cuz bitches get shit done.
2. I’m getting married in October, so I’m going to have to take a lot of time off to do all the shit it takes to plan a wedding. See also: The Not for a detailed breakdown of my matrimonial malaise.
3. As you can see above in the exerpt from my Facebook inbox, I’m really good at answering really specific beauty queries, and I can usually do it on the fly, but it can be hard sometimes to anticipate what people need to know about and write a blog post on it. Uh, so what I’m saying is, if you guys have any questions about anything beauty-related, if you need reccommendations, fucking email me. I don’t care if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, you can ask me shit. I’m friendly. I’ll write a post (just for you!), give you advice to the best of my ability, and you can take it or leave it. So, either default to the Buttercuppunch at g mail, or use myname at g mail.
4. This is where it gets tricky. Some folks have left me some questions in the comment (Blondegrlz, I think, is one) about how to apply makeup. I tried to essplain an eyeliner technique with just words and diagrams in another post, and that went well enough. However, I’ve been trying to follow up that post with more makeup how-tos, and I just don’t know if the written word can really do this stuff justice. So, I’m thinking about starting to do video makeup tips for you guys. The only problem is that I don’t want to splash my face (lovely though it may be) all over the internet. Now here I am asking you all for advice: 1. Do you people even want videos? Will it make you happy? Is it worth exposing my secret identity? 2. Please to be recommending me a good webcam+ video editing program that’s easy to use and Mac-compatable.
See? We all need advising sometimes. So please share & spill and give me guidance in the comments.