First, let me say: Thank you so much for all the love I’ve received on Buttercup, on Jezebel, and everywhere else from you guys. It makes me feel loved and warm and simply wonderful. Having said that, here’s what went down….

I was banned from Jez yesterday. However, I was given due warning and it was MY choice to go. Apparently the powers that be there were overwhelmed with emails complaining about my rash, abrasive, oftentimes confrontational tone when it comes to the political posts.

Because of the large amount of complaints they receive about me, I was okay with the banning. I don’t want to be why sweet, sensitive Obama-loving girls are too scared to post. Boohoo. I scare them. Come armed with facts and argue properly and I will refrain from calling you a fool! Come armed with nothing but Hillary Hate and Clinton Derangement Syndrome and I will call you a name. I cannot suffer fools or ignorance or political arguments based on rumor, lies and Obama Talking Points.

In any case, I shall continue to rail against bullshit, nonsense, and the myopic interpretation of this primary campaign (and soon to follow General Election!) by the media, bloggers, and pundits.

I will miss teh Jez. And especially my girl Moe (even though she’s wrong). But I will not miss the completely ridiculous coverage of the Greatest Candidate we’ve seen that happens to be a woman from a “women’s” site. Ugh.

In other news, John Edwards no longer cares about Universal Healthcare. Asshole.