You see this picture here? It’s Lindsay Lohan, cuddling up to her girlfriend, who has been sporting a substantial hickey on her neck apparently applied by the troubled Linds herself.

That’s right — one of Hollywood’s most famous young starlets is openly involved in a same-sex relationship, and no one seems to care!

I am so thrilled by this development. Could it mean that finally, the world has turned a corner and the sexual preferences of movie stars are simply irrelevant now? Or am I being naive?

Could it be that no one cares because:

A. Lindsay’s career is dead so what does it matter who she’s banging since she may never star in another movie again.

B. They are girls and everyone likes the notion of a little girl-on-girl action, and if it was Jake Gyllenhaal sitting there nuzzling some hot young cute guy, all hell would break loose.

C. WOULD it be an entirely different story if it were a young male star and his young male lover?

D. Does everyone hate Dina Lohan so much that the notion of Lindsay’s sexual proclivities bothering her has caused us all to root for Lindsay and hope and pray that she emerges as the lesbian poster child of her generation, dashing her mother’s pathetic dreams that she settle down and have babies with someone like Clooney after making billions of dollars for Dina.

Please debate!