So it’s a long weekend up here in Canada, and long weekends mean camping to many of us — not to me, I can assure you — even though it can still be seriously cold at this time of year if you go much north of Toronto.

But my 18-year-old daughter and her girlfriends are going anyway, just as I did with my friends on May Two-Four, as we call it (the weekend that falls closest to May 24th, which was Queen Victoria’s birthday, which we still celebrate up here with firecrackers and public drunkenness).

So because one of my daughter’s friends thinks my Facebook pseudonym and headshot are so funny, she is on my friends list. So I got a little notification the other day saying “Sally has joined the group We’re Going to Party Hard at Six Mile Lake This Weekend” in my news feed.

I shouldn’t have looked, I know. But I did. And stupidly, I looked AFTER the minivan had already left the station. And oh dear. Totally open, public group, and they’re arranging on the wall who’s going to get the booze, the weed and the hallucinogens. My daughter was simply asked to provide fruit and cookies, fortunately, but dear sweet Tessa who lives down the street and is an honour student who’s been accepted into the most prestigious university in the country assures the girls that she’s got a line on shrooms. I quote: “It’s going to be AWESOME to trip on shrooms while staring at the Milky Way and the Northern Lights, bitchez!!!”

I called my daughter’s cell and had the “It’s about that Facebook group ….” conversation. She assured me it was all just a joke and there were no drugs, just some vodka coolers (as though vodka is any less of a drug). I laughed hard at that ridiculous lie, then continued my low-level freakout as I gave her the usual stern warnings about drug abuse/alcohol consumption. Now all I can do is hope for the best, and remind myself that my friends and I did this very thing ourselves at her age, complete with shrooms and gin, and remind myself that these are smart, accomplished girls who have been friends since kindergarten, have camped since infancy and can probably can handle a party weekend in the wilderness without too much trouble.

I hope. Oh my dear God. I am freaking out as though I just ate a bad shroom.