Oh well, whatever, nevermind. —– ——————-

1991 may have been the year punk broke, but 2008 seems to be the year everything goes to hell. Yes, I am one of those people, a lover of the 90’s with semi-borrowed nostalgia and worst of all, a snob. A snob on the verge of a heart attack at seeing my favorite things and my lifelines sold willy-nilly to mindless drones that pay for anything you put in front of them without knowing what it stands for.
It all started with the Marc Jacobs Fall show, where he had Sonic Youth play. That didn’t bother me, since I know that Marc and Kim Gordon have been friends for a while (he even makes a cameo in one of their old music videos); what bothered me was the canvas totes and t-shirts he gave away at the show, boldly emblazoned with the cover of their 1990 release Goo. It bothered me because I knew that now I was gonna have to put up with seeing hipsters all over the city proclaiming their fake love for Sonic Youth (and I was right, as Urban Outfitters in the UK have started carrying the t-shirts as well). When I started my freshman year in college in a new city where I knew no one, a Sonic Youth t-shirt became my way to meet new people. And pretty soon the girl with the Sonic Youth poster in her room and I were inseparable. What used to be a secret handshake among strangers, has now been converted into nothing, extraneous noise, a symbol of your expendable income and faux-fashion know-it-all.

You can imagine the intricate ways that my stomach turned and twisted unto itself when I heard the news that Converse was releasing a new edition of Kurt Cobain sneakers. Now, I was already pissed off as all get-out when Courtney Love published his journals (and let it be known that I adore her), but putting those on a sneaker is just beyond absurd. First of all, why now? Do the kids care about Nirvana at all? Do they know anything beyond Smells Like Teen Spirit? Judging by the crap that gets played on the radio these days, I would say no. Secondly, this is totally and completely missing the point. Why would you buy sneakers with faux-doodles when you can do it yourself? DIY WAS THE SPIRIT OF PUNK ROCK and you are fucking paying money for someone to do it for you. Way to miss the point. But the real reason why this is absolutely disgusting is because it was precisely this, the commodification of the culture, and especially his image, that troubled Kurt so much in his last days. There should be absolutely NO products being sold now or ever with his name or because of his image because it is everything that he was against.

So there you have it folks, your youth being sold to the new youth like it’s no big deal. I know I’m not at old fart level yet, but I can’t help but be outraged and disappointed at the way things are done today. In my times… well, these are still my times, it’s just so weird to feel so disconnected to them.