Trixie: Holy shit, (redacted) just walked right past me.

Trixie2: Did he see u?

Trixie: No, I was in the streetcar shelter. He was slowly crossing against a red light. He looked touched in the head, like he’d just been lobotomized. He is wearing a shirt I bought him.

Trixie2: Most people scurry while jaywalking. What a daring rebel! U OK?

Trixie: Yes, I feel nothing. Just slight amused disdain because he looks like Nurse Ratched just let him out for a walk before his next round of electroshock therapy sessions.

Trixie2: He always looks like that. U just never noticed. Go yell something funny at him!

Trixie: Like?

Trixie2: Like: “Hey!!! Did they forget to finish the lobotomy?”