So there is this blogger in New York City who fancies herself a style expert/icon. I won’t bother telling you her name (though someone makes fun of her here, and it is very funny) because I discovered her blog by following the blog of a friend of hers who appears to have some Narcissistic Personality Disorder issues and I don’t want to feed that woman’s sickness any further.

But anyway, this so-called style expert snarks on other people’s fashion sense on her blog and tells people what to buy, where to shop, what looks to go for, etc.

Including this:

Uhhhhhh …. what? She took an oversized Chanel scarf, apparently, and made a little shirt out of it, paired it with some Zara shorts and rocked her new hair extensions that to me look pretty low-rent and strippery, no?

Or am I just some old woman who has completely lost touch with what is fashionable today? I wear heels and dress up. I have a Chanel scarf and a Kate Spade bag. I get told I dress well. But are people lying? Is the outfit above an example of style? Where are and Fashion Sensei? Come in Fashion Sensei!!! Come in!