There are many terrible food items to be found in the UK, as indeed there are throughout the world, and part of one’s job as a foreigner is to sample them and report back to your countrypeople what passes as edible in other lands.  It is even better if you can photograph it.  So I present, for educational purposes, my first encounter with HotDogs in a Can:

I’ll also draw your attention, if I must, to the fine-looking specimen of HotDogs in a Jar, which really requires no further discussion (aHEM – click picture for larger, mouth-watering view).  As mortified as my companion at Tesco’s was when I whipped out the camera to document this, he also had some questions.  How else would you buy hotdogs?  I explained about the myriad wonders of plastic packaging and things devolved from there.  Apparently he did not care for my tone?  Or the next twenty minutes I spent sniggering…  “Hotdogs!  In a can!  You people will eat anything!  Bwahahaha!”

It’s no Cheeseburger in a Can, but it was sufficiently compelling that I bought two (they were on sale!).