I am one of those blessed people — or cursed, depending on your point of view — who constantly has dozens and dozens of pop songs in her head at any given time. I wrote them down one day and there were about 25, ranging from Half-Breed by Cher to English Girls Approximately by Ryan Adams. Some of the songs are horrific and almost drive me mad as they play out in my head on an endless loop. Others are sublime. A sublime one popped into my head out of the blue recently and I am now obsessing over it and listening to it endlessly.

When Hall and Oates were at their peak, I was a snooty Goth/punk fan who listened endlessly to The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Cure, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division-cum-New Order and other bands of that ilk. I don’t deny secretly liking some serious dreck (Air Supply, anyone?), but I wouldn’t have admitted to it with a gun to my head.

I didn’t mind Hall and Oates but I didn’t love them. They had a few really great songs, however. And this was one. A sheer nugget of blue-eyed soul perfection. And Daryl Hall was hot in his day. And John Oates was so hilariously boring.

Watch it and enjoy. Another great Hall and Oates song? One on One. And of course, Kiss on My List.