I went to spin class today while still drunk from the night before. Yes, I was still drunk. And it took every bit of willpower in me to roll out of bed, still woozy from the wine and the gin, and drag my ass to spin class.

While I am glad I did it — the alcohol literally poured from my pores, and my headache disappeared — I almost lost it at the two yappy dames spinning next to me. They talked all through the warm-up, despite the instructor conspicuously cranking up the music while shooting them dirty looks and politely reminding the class of the importance of concentrating on the ride, and then yapped all through the cool-down, when you’re really in a bit of a zone and need peace and quiet as you do your stretches and get your heart rate back down. How I stopped myself from hissing at them crankily with my gin breath I do not know, but why are people so rude? And how can you not pick up the cues when you are seriously annoying a roomful of people?

I laughed when I got online later and read this story about a fellow spinner driven mad by the ridiculous shout-outs during his spin class that caused him to beat up on the offending bonehead. I can so understand what prompted the meltdown, particularly given I occasionally spin while hungover. It would be difficult enough not to snap when someone in normal circumstances started shouting out “You go girl!!” — but with last night’s alcohol still coursing through your veins and in the heat of an intense spin class, one that requires a lot of concentration? I can relate to this case of Spin Class Rage.