The internet is a many-splendored thing, as we all know, and the twists and turns of it are a dark and mysterious road leading the casual user to the mundane, the horrifying, and the occasional treasure with any given quest.  The satisfaction of a well-rendered search can be profound, such as when a simple but heartfelt query leads you to a previously undiscovered group of kindred souls whose very beings seems to pulse in time with your own unspoken desires. 


For example, just weeks ago, a friend and I were pondering wasps.  I hate and fear wasps with an intensity surprising even to me.  During our discussion, critical points were raised, such as:  Why do wasps have to exist?  Is it possible to kill them all with some sort of devastating wasp-killing bomb, and soon?  What would be the ecological ramifications of the Wasp Bomb, and if it is not yet in development, why not?


With the same spirit of intellectual curiosity that led to Sir Isaac Newton to his…  theories, I Googled:  “What is the point of wasps?”  And you can imagine how gratified I was to discover that people all over the world were wondering the exact same thing. 


So, bolstered by this happy finding, I was equally pleased to stumble upon the blog stats of Buttercup Punch (stumbling being my preferred method of exporation), to see what types of search might lead the BCP neophyte to our humble page.  Things like: “buttercuppunch;” “David Haye;” and, “is tea bad for rosacea?” were evident.  Though not unexpected search terminology, we are nonetheless grateful.


Also present were some less obvious, but innovative, search terms that I thought I would share.  The least common, but no less worthy, five were:


clive owen hairy chest                1

old lady vigina                            1

tanya hawaiian tanning butter      1

why are canadians funny            1

burt reynolds’ hairy chest            1


You know who you are, People.  And we want to let you know that we here at BCP have heard your cries in the wilderness.  Hairy chest aficionados, old lady “vigina” fetishists, avid consumers of tanning butter, and lovers of Canadian humor – we are so glad that you’ve found a home.  We usher you in with welcoming arms, and invite you to cozy up to our fire and sit for a spell.  Visit often, and trust that we will continue to provide the same quality of service that led you to us in the first place.