A European man can show up to shag you, wearing THIS, and somehow not be gay.  He might even be surprised that you demand he remove the completely indecent underwear in question for the purposes of documenting it.  And you know what?  I love it.  If I were a dude, I would wear bright, obnoxious undies too, and I don’t mean trashy boxer shorts with candy canes or a “Fear This” logo.  Because the pleasure and levity of removing a guy’s bog-standard boring jeans to discover Willy Wonka’s lollipop factory is absolutely sublime.  If women go to the trouble of lingerie (and I don’t, generally, but hypothetically speaking), with the inherent and impractical silliness of the lace and snaps and satin creeping up your nether regions, why shouldn’t guys do their part as well?  

So, thank you, anonymous European man, for injecting some much-needed color and humor into the bedroom.  And living room.  And kitchen.