Seattle, what the fuck!?

This year two darling lesbian couples that I know and love have each related their vacation planning stories, and how difficult and frustrating it has been for them to pick a place to go where they could relax and enjoy themselves without fear of being openly gawked at or physically assaulted. PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED. Just stop for a second and think about vacation planning for you and your fam, think about the things you like to do during those 5 or so days that you wait and save all year for. Do you have a list of places that you and your honey want to visit? Maybe you dream of an adventure vacation scaling some ancient ruins, or backpacking through centuries old villages. Maybe you’re the type to lounge away the hours on a tropical beach and dance the night away whilst drunk on local spirits. Maybe you want to spend your vacay in the mountains where the air is crisp and clear. What about kids? If you have kids you’ll want a kid-friendly place so they can stay occupied and have fun so that you can get a break.

Now imagine you’re a gay couple. I bet 8 out of 10 places on your list would get crossed right the fuck off because just in case you wanted to, oh I dunno, hold hands with the person you love you might get your head cracked open by someone. I have no solution, this is just a rant that I needed to get out because it’s WRONG – it’s WRONG to deny two people their right to be somewhere and to be in each other’s company just because they are of the same sex. Just like it’s WRONG to fucking legislate that gay people can’t get married or get private health insurance or serve in the military or any other fucking thing that a hetero can do.

Several of my friends will be meeting up in August and if they decide to go to a baseball game, I’m going with them. Lesbian or not I will hold hands and share smooches with them if I fucking want to, and I dare someone to complain about it. Because I tell you what, you better have the stones to say it to my face.