Ray Allen denies Non in Game 4Tuesday night:  Game 3, Lakers win at home, during the playoffs, color me surprised. It was a damn good 4th quarter though, right up until the Celtics forgot how to foul. No question though, Kobe was the Man, with his 36 badass points – oh and hey, Doc? Please to not leave Ray Allen out there guarding Kobe all by his lonesome…is you high, dude?! Wtf?! You know ‘ole PeanutHead can’t move quick enough to cover Youngblood.

4th quarter, Peanut ‘guarding’ Kobe, Kobe fakes left, draws Peanut, cuts low right-back (Peanut falls down like a shot pair of pantyhose) and sinks the 3.

Thursday night: Game 4, Lakers facing a must win sitcheeyation.  The first half of the game is dominated by L.A., Van Gundy and crew tickled by the Lakers’ use of quick passing between Big Men Pao Gasol and Lamar Odom.  Kobe was 0-4 from the field, Doc Rivers collected a technical and the Lakers set a first quarter finals record of 21 points to make it 35-14 L.A.

And then…..

In the 3rd quarter the wheels began to come off the Lakers ride faster than spinners at a swap meet.  Many sportswriters are telling of Bostons’ “amazing comeback”, or how they “dug deep” and found whatever inspiration/fire/motivation they needed to come “roaring back” for the win.  Me?  I thought it looked like the Celtics were warming up the first half and in the second they decided it was time to play.

When everyone on the floor can shoot with the precision that the Celtics have, and you add in the masterful veteran play that guys like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (my fave PeanutHead) bring to the table – not to mention the hustle of Paul Pierce or the inventiveness of Rajon ‘Lil’ BowWow’ Rondo, this is some damn good basketball.

Besides, anything that makes the DirtyMop start crying and throwin’ a temper tantrum on the bench is fine by me.