Greetings, ladies. Long time no blog!

I have just returned from the mountains of western Canada, where I went for a work conference but also managed to convince my older brother to come along, since he loves that part of the world and I wanted someone to hike with in the off-hours.

So basically, I worked from 7 til 3 or so, then hiked for a couple of hours every day (though could have stayed out in the mountains til after 9, it stays so light, so late in Banff).

If anyone of you ever have a chance to visit Banff, please do not hesitate. While the town itself is sort of a sterile little place without a lot of personality, it is situated in the middle of a mountainous provincial park, which means it is totally isolated. If you decide to trek along one of the many trails in and surrounding Banff to take in the snow-capped peaks, you will see NO ONE. Not a car, not a road, no people but other hikers, no ski hills, no condo developments, no golf courses — nothing. There are very few signs of civilization, which makes the entire area almost eerily isolated. Of course, I love eerie, and I love being out in the wild, so it was a blast.

Even though the weather was cold and rainy — there was more snow on the mountains on the day we left than on the day we arrived — it was still so beautiful, I’d go back in a second, any time of year.