Dudes. This is when I really, really hate my commute. I always have a late flight out on Sunday nights, at least always during Game 5 of the fucking Playoffs, I do. I missed the first half of the game but via the wonder that is technology I caught the second half on radio, text msgs, handheld browsing, satellite radio, AM radio and finally a teevee between the tarmac and my hotel room.

What a thriller! Paul Pierce straight beatin’ it up until he just couldn’t do it no mo’ and making the Lakers work for it, ‘cept maybe the Celtics were already working too hard b/c Kobe’s steal offa Pierce becomes a 2-handed shut-it-down slam that was HOTT.

And you know who else had a big night? My man Gasol, (aka Non from Superman II) who also interviews very well btw, that Spanish accent with perfect sport-speak English, mmmm, it does something to me. 19pts, 13 rbs. Must be all the Columbian being dished around here, Tailfeather and Trixie must be influencing my tastes but suddenly Big Man Pao has caught my eye.

Paul Pierce – 38pts * Kobe Bryant – 25pts

Lakers over Celtics 103-98, Celtics lead series 3-2, Come on Tuesday!

Unrelated: I kinda love this song, perfect for a Monday when you don’t want to fuckin’ go to work and do some shitty thing but you have to so you might as well get charged up and fucking do it.
(soooo you might as well look at the beefcake version with Leo, Matt and Mark in it, right?)