My dear friend BAngieB have been having an ongoing debate while playing Scrabulous. I can’t do dirty talk, while she thrives on it.

It has never occurred to me that I am sexually repressed but now I am beginning to wonder. Miss BAngieB tells me she says the filthiest things imaginable during sexy time. She is now goading me into doing the same in my own bedroom pursuits.

But I have just never been able to partake in the dirty-talking. I even had to tell someone once — politely, of course — to knock it off. I get self-conscious and embarrassed if someone talks dirty to me, or worse, I laugh out loud. There is NO WAY I could talk like a porn star in the sack. Dirty things, I can do. Dirty talk, I cannot. If I need something to be done differently, I sweetly explain, as in: “Excuse me, kind sir. That does feel lovely, but it might feel just a little bit better if you took it down half an inch/did it just a little bit harder/approached me from this angle.”

Is this because I am Canadian and we are, as SinisterRouge once assured me, unfailingly polite and reserved? Tell me, does anyone else out there have trouble with the dirty talk? 

p.s. That woman up there? If that was me, all I’d be saying was: “My goodness, you smell nice!”