The other day I went to spin class and realized I had forgotten my spin shoes. And so I rented a pair from the spin club. But then realized, after class, that if I didn’t want to change back into my work clothes — which I didn’t because I was going home and I was hot and sweaty and the idea of pulling a snug pair of charcoal-grey pants back on just seemed too much bother — I would have to wear my patent leather, very high grey platforms onto public transit while wearing my cropped spin shorts.

I am old, and I had a jaunty cap. So I thought: “Fuck it. I’ll look stupid but I don’t care. I’ll pull my cap down and hope I don’t run into anyone I know.”

So here’s the outfit: Sexy platform wedgies with a little bow on the toe, tight black spandex workout shorts with a hot-pink stripe that came to the knee, green trench coat that came to mid-thigh; grey-red-and-black tweed cap. In other words, a ridiculously stupid outfit.

And yet, I got looked at by young women favourably once I boarded the streetcar. Astonishingly, one girl even said to me: “Cool outfit!”

It was not a cool outfit. It was a ridiculous outfit that would have landed me on the Glamour Magazine “DON’T” page if a Glamour photographer had been around. It didn’t match in any way and the spandex bike shorts were utterly unsightly. It was a dumb outfit all around.

And it occurred to me, once again, that fashion seems to have gone in a strange direction the last few years. It seems “matchy” has become something to be avoided at all costs, so you see models in magazines and girls on the street wearing all manner of mismatched items. Sometimes — very rarely — it works. Usually it doesn’t; more often than not, it just looks stupid (see Mischa Barton post below for an example of something stupid that DID NOT WORK).

I get that not everything should match. I have been brave lately, wearing bright-red peep-toe pumps while carrying a turquoise flowered purse, for example, and centring it all with a neutral that goes with both colours (errrrr … black). But even though I am no fashion expert, I feel the anti-matching trend has gone too far. I agree wholeheartedly with loyal BCP commenter AGreenEyeDevil on this important front.

Just look at Penelope Cruz down there. She’s all matchy, and she looks flawless and elegant.