Since we’re on about music this weekend, I thought I’d write about musical acts that should be much more famous than they are. I’ll start with three I can think of off the top of my head, but would love to hear your picks in our ever-expanding and entertaining comments section!

Let’s start with someone from my hometown — k-OS. k-OS is considered a hip hop musician but his music is so diverse — with elements of funk, reggae, soul and rock ‘n’ roll — that to relegate him to hip hop simply doesn’t seem entirely accurate. He can sound like Marvin Gaye when he croons a song like “The Rain” off his last album, and then sound like Bob Marley, and then sound like Jimi Hendrix. I love him. This is one of his best-known singles (bear with the video — it takes a minute for the song to kick in), but he’s so good, I have never understood why he’s not known the world over:

Next up? Cracker. I have loved this rock band for many, many years, and their best album, The Golden Age, is on my Top 10 list of all-time favourites. There are some truly lovely, breathtaking songs on The Golden Age, like “Big Dipper” and “Dixie Babylon.” The band, fronted by big blond hottie David Lowery, had two big hits: “Low” and “Eurotrash Girl.” Here’s “Low:”

And now the best for last. The late Tyrone Davis was a Mississippi-born soul singer from the 1960s who was huge among black R and B fans and radio stations, but never made the a big leap over to Whiteyville. Which is a travesty. This man has a beautiful, sweet, raspy voice and sings songs with hurting lyrics that are pure soul perfection. He should have been a superstar. This is my favourite Davis song, called “Can I Change My Mind?”: