What To Do When The Sharif Don’t Like It, AKA “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Speedwagon”- a post about dealing with young’uns and their ghastly taste in music, by BAngieB
So the other day I was at work, minding my own business, when one of our interns came in looking for a project. Of course, I was very busy listening to my iPod and reading Jezebel and Facebook. So we were talking and he looked at my iPod and shamed me for having a Justin Timberlake song.  It was just ONE song. So I’m lame, now? What? I mean, it’s considered new music, right? 
I have Lily Allen, that’s cool, right? I even gave in and got “Umbrella, ella, ella” last summer.  I have new British pop, too, what’s cooler than the Arctic Monkeys?

I’m doing my best to have something other than twenty-year old songs by Journey, Foreigner, Queen, Styx, REO Speedwagon, The Cure, The Clash, Prince and George Michael on there. Oh, and Information Society. And, of course, Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. Oh, and Simple Minds and Simply Red. And New Order and Erasure.

I mean, it’s not like I have Fergie or Hillary Duff or Paris Hilton. There is no Celine Dion.

Am I really lame? 
Was he lame for not knowing about Information Society or George Michael or The Clash or The Cure? [I mean, who the fuck doesn’t know about The Clash or The Cure… has never heard “London Calling” or “Boys Don’t Cry”? How has this child survived? Who are this child’s parents?]

I was just gobsmacked when he said “Depeche Mode? Wait, I think one of their songs in on a new game I got for the X-Box.” Then he said, “Oh, yeah, my mom listens to REO Speedwagon.”

No, I’ve decided that he is lame, because he didn’t have The Clash, but he did have Phish. I mean, Phish? What the hell? 

A telephone call to my (younger by four years) sister was made to be sure that, in my absence, she is giving my nieces a proper musical education. She said she doesn’t have The Clash or The Cure, but she could play them some Motley Crue or Poison, or maybe some Bon Jovi. I was a little disappointed, but then the four-year-old, Lindsey (my pretty, pretty niece) got on the phone and sang “Proud Mary” and “Carwash” to me. So I guess there is hope, after all.

* That’s right, Ang. Don’t let them wee young-uns get you down! Please to talk about your musical tastes and organize a mixtape swap in the comments.