There are certain things in my daily routine that I cannot live without. I’m talking everything from cosmetics to music to foodstuffs.

Here’s a random list, and I’d love to hear yours:

1. Vichy Normaderm exfoliating scrub. It is neon green and makes your skin look like a baby’s bottom after you use it. Unfortunately, I am not sure you American dames can get it down there. But seek it out!

2. Roger and Gallet linden blossom soap. It’s a big hefty bar that lathers like butter, makes your skin feel soft and satiny, and smells divine.

3. Stonemill apple and cranberry English muffins. Delicious, high-fibre, filling, and if you have just one-half every morning, like I do, low-cal.

4. My iPod. Public transit is a nightmare for me without it.

5. And speaking of music, “A Tribe Called Quest.” My musically savvy teenaged daughter turned me onto these hip hop pioneers almost a year ago, and they are on a steady loop on my iPod, on my stereo and in my head. Fabulous chill hip hop with great lyrics and their songs make me feel all sexy/dance. “Oh My God” and “Can I Kick it?” are two of my latest favourites, but it changes all the time, because there are simply no bad Tribe songs.

6. Clinique All About Eyes under-eye concealer. BCP’s resident beauty expert, Biscuit, recommended it to me, and it is awesome. Stays on all day, reduces puffiness, covers up your undereye circles, etc., and you only need the teeniest, most microscopic amount for each eye.


7. Victoria’s Secret sweat pants. The side pockets make me look hippy, but they are so warm and cozy and well-made — believe it or not — that I wish I could wear them 24/7 and I don’t even care that I look 10 pounds heavier.

8. Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel in lavender or aloe. Put the tiniest bit in your bath or, after sunning, smooth a tiny bit on your skin while it’s still wet from the shower. You will not believe how fabulous your skin feels and smells.

9. My one-hitter. I can’t roll, and don’t need much to ease my stressed-out nerves. It does the trick and looks like a cigarette from afar if you happen to be, well, walking down the street and need to chill.

10. YouTube. I spend many, many hours just looking up people, bands, etc., and delighting at what I find. As a friend so aptly described it: YouTube is like looking through your older siblings’ record collections and unearthing all sorts of delights that you’d forgetten all about or missed out on entirely. So true.

Tell us — what are some of your favourite things?