I’ve been feeling snarky, emotional, fat, hideous, built like a Latvian weightlifter and pissed off all week as I await Aunt Flo’s imminent visit, because I loathe that bothersome hag. For some reason, however, I managed to convince myself that my hair was the problem. And so I marched into the nearest hair salon and demanded a short graduated bob this morning.

And it sucks, ladies. I already have a round face and this bubble-shaped bob makes me look like Mrs. Potatohead. In other words, I feel even fatter and more hideous than I did before. It is way too short in the back. I might need to get some serious highlights to make it look less soccer Mom. Or should I? Is the approaching arrival of that c**tbag Flo steering me wrong again?

Tell us. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done to yourself while PMSing?