Many weeks ago, our PC crashed and we lost thousands and thousands of songs. This caused much weeping by my daughter, because she’s a music freak and had some really great stuff. But together, in the weeks since, we have worked hard to replace many of our songs and rebuild our collection. And we’ve backed everything up!

What’s great is that a crash of such a magnitude forces you to pare down. Did we really need every song The Dandy Warhols had ever recorded? No, we made a list of our favourites and bought those. Did I need the dozens and dozens of Bob Dylan/Rolling Stones songs that my ex put into our library? No thanks! Just the ones I am not sick to death of!

In our frenzy to download, in fact, I have obtained some stuff I’d always wanted but never had. Some cheesy but great songs, like Wham’s “I’m Your Man,” some great old R and B that I always wanted, old disco (“Shame Shame Shame” — awesome song!) and all sorts of tunes I’ve long loved but never had. So instead of all the stuff I used to listen to while married and didn’t really like hearing anymore because they reminded me of him, I now have an almost brand-new collection of songs. There is music in my house again! 

Thanks, crap Dell PC that crashed for no goddamned reason!