You ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Well, you know you are as you’ve read many many reports on the matter in the news. You know that the government spies on you, and you’re aware you’re being watched in department stores. And now I’m being watched at work. Mind you, I don’t work in a bank. I don’t work anywhere where security is a big concern. I work in an office. A medical office. And just last week my boss installed a camera right behind me. So they can see my computer crystal-clear and every move I make. So I moved to another computer where there is a large beam blocking me.

I cannot escape. They are in the process of installing cameras throughout. In the hallways, in the kitchen, everywhere. I might have to quit, y’all. I can’t handle it. I cannot handle having no internet surfing availabilty. It’s where I do my best work! I’m used to being watched 80% of the time. Now it’ll be 100%. And my bosses will be able to tell when I call my hubby, when I talk to my friends online, when I use the bathroom. How will I hone my political debating skills? How will I register for classes? How will I live???