Ahhhhh marriage. We here at Buttercup Punch are of two minds about the institution so vaunted by the religious right that they are dead-set against giving The Gays the right to screw it up as royally as The Straights have.

One of us, young blushing bride SinisterRouge, is a firm believer in the institution and is blissfully wedded to her true love. Another, old twice-divorced Trixie, is a two-time loser who, strangely, still wants to believe in the institution even though she’s failed at it so spectacularly. And yet, oddly, SinRoo is a hothead who won’t hesitate to go to bed angry if she feels it’s warranted, and Trixie is a conciliator/peacemaker, having learned hard lessons from two unions that didn’t work out.

Are you married or in a long-term, live-in relationship that is as much a marriage as any other marriage? Need advice? Send your questions to buttercuppunch@gmail.com and Trixie and SinRoo will provide you with two very different and sure-to-be entertaining viewpoints.

We’ll aim to make “Married With ….. Buttercups” a weekly feature, running every Monday. Had a nasty, weekend-long cold war with your man or woman? Start e-mailing! The Buttercups are here to help!!!