ButtercupPunch is a new site and a labor of love, and we are supremely grateful for all our visitors, old and new alike.  Many of our guests are also friends, commenters, and fellow bloggers (on this site and others), and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  There has been a hint or two of dischord already – and while we love controversy, we entreat everyone to comment away with respect and courtesy for others.  Snark your very best, but please refrain from namecalling or general nastiness. 

So, Cock-Suckers and Clit-Lickers – all are welcome here, whichever pony you prefer to ride.  Carrying on our unintentional equestrian theme of the day (and this Friday’s “Sad Tale of Tail” has its own parallels), I present a parable.  In this well-crafted internet story, My Little Pony meets the Troll under the cyberbridge… and art ensues.

Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from this?  Alright, probably not. But we can still enjoy the genius of Robotman.  And hopefully we’ll keep seeing you all again and enjoying your wit and contributions, because that’s why we’re here.