BAngieB here. Welcome to the first of what will be a regular lesbian sex/advice/secrets column! We’re so excited to bring you this fresh new weekly feature, where your friendly BCP neighborhood lesbians will answer questions about all things lesbian, or address sexy and Sapphic topics on your mind (or elsewhere). You know how we are: sex, sex and more sex! Sometimes we will pair up, other times it will be just one of us, but we will try to give different points of view and be as inclusive as possible, since we gays are as varied as the colors of a rainbow. We will mix it up. We will excite you. We will learn you some hot insider lesbotron action, explaining things like Goldstar, stone and lipstick lesbians (and why not all femmes are lipstick, for a start).

Please to welcome my girlfriend. She and I have an age difference of over 10 years, differences in experience, and we will start it off by discussing some of the issues raised in the inappropriate post Trixie made about a private matter I shared with her this week. The Lesbians – A Secret Hyper-Orgasmic-Society-of-X-Rated Hotness Already hot and bothered? Send us your questions or areas for discussion for future posts to buttercuppunch [@]

First, a polite request from the writers. We kindly ask that y’all keep the explicit penis talk to a minimum in our lesbian sex discussions. Mention it if you must, but please be sensitive to those of us who do not enjoy the Ways of the Ween.

**Be A Tiger, Not A Camel**

BAngieB: Alright. Let the vulgar, inappropriate talk begin.

angiesyounglover: Like true lesbians, we’re going to dive right in. What’s the first issue of discussion today?

BAngieB: Oh, what’s up with this spitting thing?

angiesyounglover: Yes, yes! When we were watching that HBO show this weekend and we saw a schoolgirl reeling and dealing some major spittage on her lover. As stated in comments on another post, the first thing I thought: camel…that trajectory. Scared my shit.

BAngieB: I guess you had never heard of such a thing, right? And you know, I have never had a partner act like she wanted to spit on my “down there.”

angiesyounglover: I was kind of worried, like, Shit, what have I gotten myself into? Is spitting on the menu? Is that what people do?

BAngieB: I think a lot of women would find it disrespectful. I wonder if it’s some kind of lubrication thing?

angiesyounglover: Well if it is, the spitter might want to do something else. If you need to spit on me to get me wet, I should be spitting at YOU. Bite my neck, grab me by the waist from behind, throw me down, and tell me how bad you want to fuck me. Do not spit on me.

angiesyounglover: Please and thank you, of course…

BAngieB: Dirty! Stop that. I asked around and tried to do some research…I can’t figure it out. Apparently, women spit on men in straight porn. I’m going with it’s for lubrication, and, like you said, there are other ways.

angiesyounglover: Yeah, and K.Y. would agree, I’m sure. I want to know what you would do if someone spit on you. Like if, prior to being with you, I had watched some porn at a pillow fight & jammies sleepover, saw the spitting thing, let it rest in the back of my young mind, then, our first time I was all “I’m gonna wow her with mah mad porn skillz,” and spat saliva at your clit. What would you have done or said? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that.

BAngieB: I am such a prude, it would have grossed me out to no end. I am not scared to tell my partner what I do and do not feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t be scared either, none of us should. You can’t get what you need if you don’t speak up, you will just keep on getting something that is not working for you.

angiesyounglover: Aw, that’s tender. I would have called you a fuckin’ camel and yelled, “Get the hell out!” Or come at you with one of those saliva suckers from the dentist. Kinky. Not. But, truth: If you’re gettin’ it, you better be gettin’ it right. It’s just crazy, I mean, some people see the spitting thing in porn, think that it’s what every girl wants, and then whip it out and scare the poor, unassuming shit out of someone. And if it’s not pussy spitting, it could be something else, so speak the fuck up.

BAngieB: Aww, your rage is so cute!

**How Many Is Too Many?**

angiesyounglover: Okay so, let’s talk about something that took my newly sexed lesbian self by surprise: multiple orgasms. Though I have never slept with or done anything but make out with a guy, I was very aware of the post-coital wait around. But with women, ah-ha, I learned it’s different.

BAngieB: I think the fact that we don’t need turn-around time makes a big difference. It seems that once I get going, it comes in waves, one after another, after another. I think if I had to wait a bit between sexin’ it would be different.

angiesyounglover: And after making you orgasm, I’m so hot, I just don’t want to stop, so this works well for me.

angiesyounglover: Because you don’t have to wait to back in the swing of things?

BAngieB: Exactly, you don’t need to start over unless there were hands involved in the interim. I mean, once you get going, you can go for as long as you want, switching from one spot to another, etc. If you had to wait around, well, it wouldn’t be the same. Plus, you know what? Who can understand what feels good to a woman better than another woman?

angiesyounglover: Okay, yeah, let’s talk about this. Back in the day when I was stupid and made out with boys, my boyfriend would like, over my clothes, push and grab my breasts really hard, man. Like Fuck, dude, ouch, I’m a person, not the pillow you masturbate to every night! So I would be like, Yeah, no, stop and he would be all, “I thought girls liked that.”

angiesyounglover: And being with you, I can see, women are more in tune to women because they are women.

BAngieB: Plus, you know, it’s just so comforting in your arms…not the same with a man.

angiesyounglover: OH SOFT. OH SWEET SMELLS.

BAngieB: So, we think the ability to keep at it for long periods of time is one of the factors for multiple orgasms. Plus, you know, fingers or tongues are a little more precise than, say, one of those ween things.

angiesyounglover: Those ween things have a mind of their own.

BAngieB: Seriously.

angiesyounglover: I can talk to you, tell you what feels right, you listen, then boom, it works. Plus, I am mad comfortable with you. Trust you, etc.We can stop and change things if we need to, without having to worry about “keeping it up.” Gross!

Check back soon for the exciting conclusion…