Ok, so… I originally started out making this total fangirl post like, “OMG you srsly have to hear this song right now, yesh.” But, upon researching said song on youtube, I’m seriously rethinking the direction in which this thing is going. It’s like that split second when I was on board with the whole Ann Coulter thing, because I thought it was a really well-crafted satire (and there still is a modicum of a chance that it is, but, you know, not really), but then after a second it was like, “Whoa! Noooo. Wait! This isn’t what I thought it was, take back what I said, laaaa!” You wanna backstory?

So, a few weeks ago, Mr. Panda downloaded this rather interesting electro-psych band, and there was one song in partucular that caught my fancy, so I ripped it onto my iPod device. Everytime the song came up on my perpetual shuffle, I’d seriously hit the ‘Back’ button and play it two times in a row. Which led to the song being stuck in my head for, what at this point feels like eternity. But I didn’t mind, because it’s so damn catchy. This, from a girl who kind of loathes neuveau hipster electroclash-type music. This song, to me, doesn’t seem steeped in used Williamsburg douchewater, but instead feels like a fresh, modern answer to disco- which is not a bad thing, people! Or maybe Ive rotted my brain with too much ABBA, but that’s my business… Anyway, I can safely say that I think you all know where this is going.

The band is MGMT, who, I’ve just found out, resides in Brooklyn. You may want to lie down for this:

Hoookay. I expected to find a cool, maybe Daft Punk-esque low-budge viddy to go with this enjoyable song, that would add to the mythos I’ve built around this song in my head. HOWEVER, what I got instead is some kind of mythical lame-cano erupting douche-splosion all over some hipster orgy being held in the Cobrasnake forest to honor the goddess Ambrel. I mean, REALLY. This is awful, and on it’s own, has nearly ruined the song for me (except for the DJing bear- he cool)… But that was until youtube’s evil “related videos” widget turned me on to this half-cocked, home cooked Tyco model train wreck:

Oh. Oh. you know something is going to be bad with a capital B when a video starts out with someone milking a dried rose into a wine glass. Oh GOD, it’s just too much! But do go on, it gets better(strikethru) worse. This video features a moderately plain young woman employing video techniques we haven’t seen since Garbage’s first album dropped- and I don’t mean that as any kind of complement. This girl is very obviously a recovering Tori Amos fanatic. I’m guessing the shock treatments haven’t gone too well, judging from the sequences in which Choir Girl over here dances like a Thrill Kill Cult backup skank in what appear to be either cat ears or devil horns. Either way, the prop dungeon from the Crow called… and MGMT’s lawyers should consider sending over a cease & desist, because this homespun, film school backwash of misguided narcissism is likely going to do more damage to the band’s cred than their own vid, Teddy Bear’s Picnic 2.0, which now looks like The English Patient in comparison.

I Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Please laugh along in the comments.