Perhaps you’ve already seen the 5 year series of HBO’s acclaimed program The Wire. If that is you, you’ll understand why I’m trying to recruit more watchers (Also I’m on the final two eps of Season Two, so please to not spoil it!).

This series is nothing short of amazing. The acting is pitch-perfect, deep and dramatic without schmaltz. The writing is impeccable–they get the way cops talk, the way working-class stiffs talk, the way politicians talk. I love everything about it. What I find the most fascinating to watch are the inner workings and the complete politicization of even police work in the city of Baltimore (replace with: New York, Los Angeles, AnyCity). It isn’t criminals= bad, cops=good (L&O for example). It’s complex, deep, sexy and completely addictive. I don’t want to tell you anymore lest I spoil it for any of you considering Neflixing this masterpiece (Which you of course should do rightawayrightnowdoitdoitdoit!).

As a treat I’ll throw this out at ya: There is sex, lesbian make-out sessions (probably more but I’m only on Season 2, y’all!), threesome sex, cheating sex, married sex, lawyer-cop sex. And that’s only two characters so far! So please check it out. I guarantee you will not regret it!

Oh, and the video above? Is my cock-tease to you. And the it gets really good around 2:20.