Alright, I’ve stayed quiet on the rumors for the last few weeks for a couple of reasons, mainly because a) they were coming from the fictional department of the L.A. Times and b) nothing is more dramatical in the NFL than ruminating on whether or not Favre will stay retired. Well, shit. Apparently the high noon stare down between Favre and Packers GM Ted ‘Cheapskate’ Thompson has moved from the frying pan to the fire.


ESPN is reporting that Favre and his agent were on a call with Thompson and Packers head coach Mike McCarthy yesterday in which Favre expressed his desire to play again in the upcoming season. (This does lend credence to the reports of him spending practically all 126 days since retiring working out). Supposedly Thompson AND McCarthy did not give Favre the warm welcome he wanted. Thompson I expect this from, but McCarthy? I gotta say, I’m a little surprised. Yeah, yeah, Aaron Rodgers, Brohm and Flynn I know – but that’s a largely untested 4th year QB and 2 guys just drafted, so what? This doesn’t really qualify as “quarterback controversy” anyway since you’d be comparing apples to fighter jets.

Since the Packers don’t seem to be welcoming #4 back to the fold, reports say that Favre sent a letter to the team asking for his release. A release, not a trade, because he wants to choose which other team to play for. That strange, yippie-ki-yay-howling sound you hear would be all the motherfuckers I made fantastic outrageous bets with, that this would never happen. (Simmer down, fools, ain’t nothin’ final yet.)

Clearly this is a wait and see situation as to what the hell is going on, and I’m still in a state of shock having only recently started to heal from Big Daddy Favre’s ‘retirement’, but I can’t even think about what possible teams (in need of a QB) would be a good fit for Favre. Baltimore? Tampa? Carolina? All I know for sure is that the stinkin’ ass VikQueens need to be kept FAR, FAR away from the dance. When I texted Mr. K with the news a few minutes ago, his immediate reply was: Minnesota. Mine was: kill me now. The VikQueens probably don’t have any salary room left for Favre anyway, not after blowing all of Zygi’s money on an O-line and bringing Jared Allen’s hipster facial hair to MN. Runners and blockers they have, an arm – not so much.

Statement From The Green Bay Packers Organization <—-just posted by the Pack.

Stay tuned…

07.12.08 UPDATE: Packers front office says they will not grant Favre his contract release, but instead will welcome him back as the back-up to QB Aaron Rodgers. Yeaaaaaaaaahhhh, like Favre’s gonna miss making consecutive start #254.  If this were a Degree All In Moment…..I fuckin’ CALL.