Let’s talk about the election some more!! Specifically, Hispanics. With all the talk of Obama and Clinton and women and African-Americans, where do us brown-sometimes-light-sometimes-dark-not-black-but-not-white folk fit in? And what happens to us now that Hillary is out of the race? How will we vote!?!

Over and over again, Hispanic voters (along with those pesky older women) brought Hillary victory in Texas, Nevada, Puerto Rico and pretty much all around the country. When Obama clinched the nomination, she was no longer a choice. But they voted for her in overwhelming numbers. What happens now?

There’s been some courting going on. McCain is telling us that he’s once again for immigration reform. He was for it and then he was against it and now he’s for it again! Yippee?

Obama is comin’ round our doors with flowers in hand, too. And it appears to be working. Obama now leads among Hispanic voters by a large margin. The fear was that after Hillary dropped out, Hispanics would go in droves and get behind McCain. After all, 46% of them voted for Bush in 2004. Frightening.

The idea being that Hispanics, with conservative social values and an overwhelming amount of them religious, are kind of pro-immigration Republicans. It appears that we are waking up to this fallacy, the fallacy that Republicans and the GOP care about them in the least. They don’t. Even Bush, with a Republican Congress, couldn’t get immigration reform passed. And what holds some Hispanics to the GOP– anti-gay, anti-abortion, conservative social stances—are all things I wish my fellow-Hispanics would stop being so narrow-minded about.

It seems like the new generation of American Hispanics are doing just that. Again, we know WHO would more than guarantee a Democratic victory in November.